Gold dealer generates 'Superior Roller' poker sets applying true gold coins

High-stakes poker players can overlook plastic chips and rehearse real gold, silver and platinum coins. The United States Gold Bureau has unveiled a distinct "High Roller" poker sets who use real American Eagle coins through the U.S. Mint as opposed to traditional plastic or clay casino chips.
According to John Hutmacher, president on the company that creates the sets, clients can custom-create their very own sets, determined by what metals they wish to include plus what quantities. The sets could also include gold dice, handmade cards personalized using the customer's initials and also a various cases.
The standard set includes American Eagle coins in gold, silver and platinum. The "Billionaire Set" even offers 1-kilo gold bars, for your through the roof rollers. There's even a "Wild West Set" which utilizes collectible precious poker art metals coins from your 1800s and early 1900s.
“Imagine tossing a small number of $5 Indian Head coins in the pot, similar to Jesse James or Billy the Kid might have done,” said Hutmacher. “It really brings history alive and turns a typical poker game right into a amazing experience.”
The company sells the normal set for $375,000 but, in line with Hutmacher, clients can customize things up to they need.

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